Eric Mbidde, MSA Luwero District.

“I joined MUIIS after being unemployed for a while through a friend at Zirobwe Agaliawamu Agri-Business Training Association (ZAABTA) in Luwero. To date, I have profiled 700 farmers and I have learned a lot in the process. I have been contracted by three large scale farmers to provide extension services on technical issues like pest management, soil fertility management, early or timely planting etc. I have also become a better farmer and grow bananas, coffee and maize for sale, as well as poultry and livestock. My cows are purely for diary and produce about 15 – 20 litres a day. In future I would like to buy some pigs and also start biogas production. I am confident that with all the skills I have acquired with the MUIIS project my life and that of my family will continue to improve.”