Market-led User-owned ICT4Ag-enabled Information Services (MUIIS) a project designed and implemented by The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), is an innovation project that offers a service bundle of highly targeted digital services to farmers including weather and agronomic tips, input loans, market loans, market linkages and drought insurance. 

Through the use of digitalisation and the support of multi stakeholder partners, the project has been able to support activities that increase productivity of maize, soya beans, beans and sesame farmers across 54 farmers’ organisations, with a target of over 350,000 farmers as direct beneficiaries. 

In last 3 years, 254,364 farmers have been digitally profiled, 4,441,354 food producers got awareness on the MUIIS products and services, 1,890 smallholder farmers have benefitted from digital financial services through loans, 802,583 Users/stakeholders target groups have been reached by services provided within the project.  

Within this project which has now grown into a business, farmers as well as farmer organisations will continue to get bundled services for agricultural development.